Probably the best hoarding in Brick Lane—but it’s at rival Truman’s!

Best hoarding? Prbably

Best hoarding? Prbably - Credit: Carlsberg

It was billed as ‘probably’ the best hoarding in the world—but this company only does lager.

Even so, there were crowds lining up this-afternoon to look at the plain green hoarding, appropriately next to the old Truman’s Brewery in London’s East End.

Probably, it was the feature ‘on tap’ that drew the crowds in Spitalfields.

Slap in the middle of the 50ft-long billboard at the side of the former brewery off Brick Lane was a tap pouring out free half-pint measures of Carlsberg.

“There was a real buzz around the billboard, from spectators to those enjoying a beer in the sunshine,” brand manager Dharmesh Rana claimed. “The interactive billboard is a world-first and brings to life our ‘what if’ promotion campaign, with people taking part in this iconic advertising slogan.”

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It was probably the most blatant advertising publicity stunt the brewing industry could pull—but the crowds in Brick Lane weren’t complaining.

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