Queen Mary toxicology expert speaks out on Marilyn Monroe’s death

The death of Marilyn Monroe is being examined on its 50th anniversary by a top London toxicologist who uncovers the secrets at a seminar of her final days with Hollywood’s Rat Pack at a notorious Mafia haunt.

The 36-year-old Hollywood screen goddess was found dead on August 5, 1962, with an empty bottle of sleeping pills by her bedside.

But Professor Atholl Johnston, from the University of London’s Queen Mary College, is looking into conspiracy theories and her death from a forensic toxicologist viewpoint.

“Marilyn’s death was attributed to an overdose of barbiturates,” said Prof Johnston. “But many believe she was murdered.

“The secrecy by investigating authorities fuelled conspiracy theories, as with Princess Diana who was coincidentally another 36-year-old blonde.”

Prof Johnston is joined by legendary journalist Peter Evans, a reporter in New York at the time who knew Marilyn personally and flew to Los Angeles to cover the story hours after she died.

The seminar is Wednesday, August 8, at Bart’s Pathology Museum, West Smithfield campus in the City of London, at 6.30pm. Tickets �4, booked online at: http://tiny.cc/Monroe.

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