Rafiq scoops a BMW ‘muscle car’ in Poplar for spotting the ball online

Revving up... Rafiq Uddin in his new BMW

Revving up... Rafiq Uddin in his new BMW - Credit: BOTB

Rafiq Uddin didn’t sleep a wink all night—because of a premonition that he was about to scoop the BMW prize in the weekly online spot-the-ball competition he’s been entering for five years.

Then the part-time occupational therapy assistant got a visit at his east London home in Poplar from BOTB promotions to hand him the keys to a new 425bhp ‘muscle car’ and £10,000 cash.

“It’s so surreal,” the gobsmacked 32-year-old said. “I was awake all night convinced I would win, but it still felt like a dream when I got that knock on the door.”

Rafiq now has to get a parking permit on his housing estate, as he never owned a car before because he has “only ever wanted to drive something amazing”. Now he has his new BMW he plans to be driving everywhere.

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