Rambling about green spaces’ is nothing to do with building on A13

Dear Ed, LET me respond to letter from Ferris and Ahern by explaining the campaign on Exmouth Estate is about saving two green spaces fronting A13. They are rambling about green spaces in other areas

Dear Ed,

LET me respond to this-afternoon’s website letter from Ellen Ferris and Ann Ahern by explaining that the Say No’ campaign on the Exmouth Estate in Stepney is all about saving two green spaces fronting onto East London’s A13 Commercial Road (No green spaces on estate will be touched in Swan plans,’ East London Advertiser website letters, April 1).

The Exmouth Estate Residents Board members who wrote the letter to the Advertiser are rambling on about green spaces in other areas which have nothing to do with the Say No’ campaign.

Sadly, they are out of touch with Swan Housing’s proposal and the residents which they claim to represent.

No wonder so many families on the estate are fed up with Swan’s Residents Board and want them all to resign!

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Nick Parkin

Exmouth Estate, Commercial Road, Stepney

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