Reopen Braithewaite St and make it safer

Dear Ed... LIKE Chloe Critchley, I would definitely like to see Braithwaite Street in Spitalfields (formerly Wheler St) reopened to traffic (East London Advertiser, November 4).

This street is now one of the East End’s worst grot spots. When you leave the spanking new Shoreditch High Street Overground station, the first thing you see is utter sleaze and disgusting graffiti smeared all over the place.

It feels unsafe now, precisely because there is no ‘through’ traffic—and the lighting is feeble. The graffiti vandals who plague the neighbourhood sneak down there, before making their way to smear other streets in Spitalfields, because they can so easily get away with it!

Cars and other vehicles passing through will act as a kind of neighbourhood ‘policeman’.

Because there is now plenty of pedestrian traffic to and from the Overground station, the prostitutes and crawlers who used to frequent horrible old Wheler Street will be deterred.

Open up Braithwaite Street—it makes sense.

Roger Foss

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