Residents in Bow support Olympic defence missiles

Residents say they would support missiles being stationed at their block of flats in Bow, as part of an Olympic ring of steel.

Most of the residents we approached as they entered Bow Quarter on Fairfield Road this week said they understood “the need” for putting the high velocity missiles on top of the water tower of the former Bryant and May matchstick factory.


Some were upset at the weekend media storm which started after residents received leaflets from the Ministry of Defence informing them of the possibility of missiles being placed there during the summer Games.

Resident and journalist Brian Whelan had led the opposition from some of the residents. He said: “A leaflet came on Saturday and I was absolutely shocked about the content. With a range of 5km we will all be affected if the missiles are launched and debris falls down.”

Mr Whelan is trying to mount a legal challenge against the MoD for not consulting residents first.

But resident Sussi Bearle, said: “All residents I’ve spoken to understand it’s necessary.

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“You can’t have a consultation on matters of national security. It’s got to be decided on a strategic basis.

“It would be a lot more dangerous if a plane came down over London. We live in a completely new world post 9/11. We are not very popular in the Middle East, understandably so, and we have to protect the Olympics.If our building can play a role in protecting people then I see that as privilege rather than an inconvenience.”

This week soldiers arrived to place dummy missiles on the building to check the logistics.

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