Respect wants elected mayor—and wants him removed!

RESPECT councillor Abjol Miah says the party is “strongly in favour” of switching to an elected mayoral system in Tower Hamlets. But in newighbouring Newham the party policy was tio have a referendum on REMOVING the mayoral system

Dear Ed,

I READ Respect councillor Abjol Miah's letter on a directly-elected mayor for Tower Hamlets with some astonishment (Advertiser Website, November 23).

He says that the Respect party is "strongly in favour" of switching to an elected mayoral system, which begs the question of why Respect have always had a policy in neighbouring Newham to have a referendum on REMOVING the mayoral system, even though the people of Newham vote in favour. Respect's candidate for Mayor of Newham in 2006 even called the system "undemocratic." The party seems to have given up on these principles quite quickly.

Perhaps Cllr Miah's next letter can clarify where his party actually stands and why they just seem to oppose whatever system is in place, depending on where they are. It appears that even if we get an elected mayor in Tower Hamlets, Respect will probably just call for another referendum to get rid of them anyway!

Carlo Gibbs

Ranwell Estate, Bow