Road closure angers residents

RESIDENTS are pushing to get a useful road reopened, years after it was closed to make way for work on the East London Line.

Wheler Street, which provided a quick link from Bethnal Green to Shoreditch’s Commercial Street, was closed to traffic several years ago as construction began on Shoreditch High Street station.

But despite the new East London Line opening in April, the road has been permanently shut off to vehicles.

Bizarrely, it also seems to have been renamed Braithwaite Street.

Sandy and John Critchley, of Wilkes Street, Shoreditch, are trying to drum up support to get the route reopened.

Ms Critchley said: “It was a very useful link from Shoreditch to Bethnal Green and stopped people getting stuck in horrendous queues.

“It’s also safer if it is reopened to traffic as it’s quiet in the evenings and badly lit. It doesn’t seem safe at the moment.”

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Barriers have been put up to stop traffic passing through but the road is open to pedestrians and cyclists.

Tower Hamlets transportation and highways department has said the street was a well-known “rat run” for drivers and attracted other antisocial behaviour.

They said the proposal to close the street to all vehicles, excluding the emergency services, was published in East End Life and in the London Gazette earlier this year and posted on site.

The terms give 21 days for objections to the closure but none were received at the time.

Improvements to lighting, particularly under a bridge at the site, are being planned, Elise Boon, from the department, said.

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