Roadworks even in East End’s back streets may soon need permits

Plans are being drawn up to bring in permits for all ‘roadworks’ in London’s congested East End before utility companies can dig up any more streets.

City Hall is negotiating with seven London boroughs including Tower Hamlets and neighbouring Hackney to introduce licensing in all side turnings.

The permit system is already working on main roads, where hold-ups are estimated to be down eight per cent since it was introduced in 2009.

TfL has actually refused 9,000 permits in the past 12 months alone, preventing 1,200 days of potential disruption, a London Assembly traffic congestion inquiry has been told.

The Automobile Association’s president Edmund King told the inquiry: “We applaud steps to coordinate roadworks and reduce incidents at Blackwall Tunnel.

“Traffic is always on a knife-edge and it only takes two unrelated incidents to cause congestion.”

Uncoordinated roadworks on London’s main arteries have been reduced, while most local authorities including the City Corporation have also brought in permits for side streets.

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