Romantic Stuart Catton pops question to Cheryl Nori on Tower Bridge

Stuart Catton is a romantic soul at heart who chose London’s most iconic location to spring his surprise marriage proposal.

He hired the high walkway of Tower Bridge 140ft above the Thames to pop the Question to his Australian girlfriend Cheryl Nori.

The Victorian structure has a special meaning for Stuart and Cheryl.

They would meet each weekend on the southbank gazing at the bridge as well as each other. Cheryl often told him she never grew tired of admiring it.

So Stuart secretly booked the high-level walkway and pretended to take her to the Tower Bridge Exhibition.

She got the surprise of her life when she got up there to find it had been romantically lit in their honour with a soundrack of their favourite music playing.

Stuart asked for her hand in marriage—and she accepted.

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“It was the most romantic moment of our lives,” said Stuart. “We were by ourselves overlooking the amazing views of London.

“Tower Bridge will always have a special place in our hearts.”

They plan to marry in the New Year and look forward to many more romantic visits back.

Hiring the Walkways for popping the question has been added to the services now offered at Tower Bridge.