Royal London doctors warn of open windows after baby plunges 30ft

Doctors in east London are warning parents about the danger of open windows after a spate of falls during the hot weather.

It follows four incidents of children falling from windows including a 12-month-old toddler who plunged 30ft from a third floor ledge.

Staff at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel have reported a sharp rise in the number of cases over the last 24 hours with youngsters being admitted.

A&E consultant Alastair Wilson warned:“Parents should be careful to make sure youngsters are kept well away from open windows.

“We have noticed a big rise in the number of children who have fallen out of windows in the recent hot spell.”

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The one-year-old brought into the hospital on Tuesday from Hackney had fallen from a third-floor window onto a flat roof above a parade of shops in Pembury Road.

The tot was dazed and bleeding when horrified passers-by saw him stagger towards the edge and another 20ft drop to the street.

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But they managed to get a ladder and one man climbed up and reached the child in time.

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