Rugby Saracens stars Nils Mordt and Ben Spencer help raise money for London Air Ambulance in Whitechapel

Rugby stars took to the skies in a London’s Air Ambulance helicopter to launch a partnership aimed at raising money for a second helicopter for their Whitechapel airpad.

Nils Mordt, nephew of South African legend Ray Mordt, along with team mate Ben Spencer have come on board as ambassadors for the charity after their team Saracens, which train in St. Albans, appointed the service as their official charity. Their team mate Owen Farrell becomes an ambassador.

Centre player Mordt said: “We take it for granted that if something terrible happens, we will have the best possible care available in hospital. We don’t realise that there are flying doctors who can be at our side within minutes and perform life-saving operations at the scene and really make a difference between life or death.”

A second ambulance would help the service out when their current helicopter is undergoing maintenance work.