View from the House: No coherent strategy on schools

Rushanara Ali MP wants assurance that schools will be safe to return to.

Rushanara Ali MP wants assurance that schools will be safe to return to. - Credit: FREE TO USE

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down, and that is especially true for children and young people who have had their education put on hold for the last six months.

They have been let down by this government who have shown no leadership and no coherent strategy on schools.

This has disproportionately affected those from poorer backgrounds. The Department for Education has warned that this could lead to a widening of the attainment gap of up to 75 per cent, as children from disadvantaged backgrounds have lacked access to resources to learn at home.

I support the government’s decision to fully re-open schools and colleges in September, but they need a proper plan and real leadership to ensure this is done in a safe manner. We need transparent and clear health and safety arrangements, and for these rules to be properly implemented and monitored, to ensure conditions in schools are as safe as possible.

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