Samuda Estate residents’ Christmas marred by long-standing problems

The Christmas holidays were marred by damaged facilities for residents of the Samuda Estate on the Isle of Dogs.

A broken entrance door to one of the estate’s houses meant long-standing problems were “aggravated” over the festive period, according to local councillor Peter Golds.

He said he has been highlighting similar problems to One Housing, the association responsible for the running of the estate in Manchester Road, for a number of years, but the broken door exacerbated the issues.

“I was out on the Samuda again on New Year’s Day after residents called me and showed me the problems this caused over the Christmas and New Year break.

“It is about time One Housing worked with residents, local councillors and the Safer Neighbourhood Team to resolve these long standing problems.”

Suzanne Horsley, who is head of One Housing’s regional operations, said: “We know that youths loitering outside homes and in communal areas can be

very intimidating for our residents and cause them distress.

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“So we are doing our utmost to tackle the issue through increased block inspections, joint resident inspections, out of hours patrols by Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officers and close working with the Police.

“Tackling anti-social behaviour is one of our top priorities and we dedicate additional staff time and resource to this area of work.”