SaveKEMP super sewer protesters to camp in the Wapping park

Protesters fighting to stop Thames Water building through their park as part of its �3.6 billion super sewer plans are to camp out in the grounds.

This Saturday members of Save King Edward Memorial Park will pitch up their tents in the Wapping green in a bid to show the utility giant the level of support for their campaign.

Thames Water says it needs to build a ventilation structure in the park and use a large section of it as part of its London-wide project to upgrade the city’s outdated Victorian sewerage system.

But SaveKEMP argue a brownfield site close to the park, the Heckford Estate, would be a far more appropriate spot for the majority of the works.

They have now gathered 9,000 signatures against Thames Water.

Emma Dunsire, SaveKEMP vice chair, said: “It seems that signatures alone are not enough and pitching our tents will illustrate just how committed the community is to saving our park. We will not be moved.”

The group has accused the water firm of choosing to build in the park over the estate as it would “serve their commercial interests better”.