Shadwell church leads the way in the green crusade

A GREEN-THINKING East End church held an environment seminar to discuss how to reduce its carbon footprint.

Members of St Paul’s Church, in Shadwell, got together on November 23 to see how they could do their bit in the Diocese of London’s environmental challenge campaign.

The church has already drafted in experts to formulate a 25-year masterplan to reduce the amount of fuel the building uses through better insulation.

There are even plans to install solar panels on the roof – following the template of Islington’s St Silas Pentonville which has had great success with the zero-carbon energy panes.

New bike racks to encourage members to cycle to church rather than drive are also being installed.

Ric Thorpe, rector of St Paul’s, said: “This has been an intensive and significant event. We feel we can make leaps and bounds in energy saving - and already we’ve saved years of work.”

Brian Cuthbertson, head of Environmental Challenge, described the church as a “beacon” in promoting green energy.

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