Shahidul Hasan: Inquest rules accidental death after hide and seek game in Limehouse Cut went wrong

An inquest into the death of a 15-year-old boy, who slipped and drowned after a children’s game ended in tragedy, have ruled that it was an accidental death.

The inquest at Poplar Coroners Court on Tuesday morning heard how Shahidul Hasan, of Burgess Street, Bow, had been playing hide and seek with school friends near Thomas Road, along the north side of Limehouse Cut, in the early evening on January 11.

The high performing St Paul’s Way student then slipped and fell into the into the canal, the court heard.

One of his friends went into the water to try and help him but had to give up when he realised how deep the water was the court heard.

Shahidul then went under the water, the court heard, and was pulled out by firefighters after they arrived at the scene.

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“Efforts to resuscitate him on land, on the way to hospital and at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel failed,” explained coroner’s officer Nigel Huxter.”

Shahidul was pronounced dead at 8pm on January 11.

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The cause of death given was drowning.

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