Shish bar fined—for allowing shish water-pipe smoking

OWNERS have been fined for allowing of a shish pipe smoking in their shish bar. They have been fined �6,000 for “persistently allowing smoking in an enclosed place”

By Mike Brooke

BAR owners have been fined for allowing a shish pipe smoking—in their shish bar.

They have been slappped with fines and legal costs of �6,000 by magistrates in London’s East End for “persistently allowing smoking in an enclosed place.”

Inspectors from Tower Hamlets Council made several visits to La Sheesh in Mile End where customers were found to be smoking the water-pipe.


They had been receiving frequent reports of shish being smoked inside the premises in Mile End Road.

Imran Khan, 27, from Mile End, and partner Abu Shahaib, 25, from East Ham, were convicted in their absence by Thames magistrates on July 7 and each fined �2,500 plus �680 costs.

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There is no exception to Britain’s smoking ban, even for Shisha, the local authority insists.


Council cabinet member Abdal Ullah said after the case: “We have tried time and again to talk to the owners—but the law has continued to be flouted.

“Shisha is like all other forms of smoking. We treat it the same under the smoke free’ legislation.”

He warned: “We will prosecute those who do not comply with the law.”

It has been illegal to allow smoking in enclosed public places since legislation introduced in July, 2007.