Six wannabe entrepreneurs reveal the barriers they face making it into the business world

Rene Lucien is a 23-year-old London Uni business management student at Queen Mary’s College in Mile End.

He wants to start up a student relocation agency finding accommodation and doing the moving: “My idea is relocation marketing for students, moving them from home to uni and back, seeing to everything including finding a place to live they can afford. The bootcamp would help if the experts are willing.”

Julian Munns, 29, from Hackney, hpes to set up an story-telling business in the ‘improvising’ performing arts, a growing field of entertainment: “I want to open a permanent venue to establish the ‘impro’ performing arts like the Comedy Store did for stand-up comedy in the Eighties. The bootcamp would help. We have to book venues like pubs and theatres at present.”

Maria Pia, 37, originally from Naples, wants to start an arts magazine for London’s growing Italian community: “I’ve got lots of ideas, but don’t know how to go about setting up a business like an arts magazine. I know what I want, but have no diea how to set it up. The bootcamp experts would give me the business know-how, where to get funding and how to market it.”

Sergio Lopez, 45, is launching his own social enterprise business to help people get into heritage with music production, oral history and film-making, but needs to get some expert advice under his belt: “I’m close to the marketing stage and really need help with it. The bootcamp would be useful to show me how to pitch the product and how to minimise promotion and PR costs. I need help on that.”

Wasim Juned, 42, has already started a mobile phone business helping people use iPhones to explore the environment with his app that picks up a local heritage trail: “I started the business in March, but need help with the technology and marketing. I have the right iPhone apps technology, but the bootcamp would help me with the starting process to avoid costly mistakes while you’re learning the business.”

Illy Budapesti, 27, from Los Angeles, wants to set up her own language school, with her eight languages including Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese, having lived in China, as well as speaking Japanese, Hungarian and other European tongues: “I’m trying to figure it out. I’ve got 40 per cent of the know-how—the bootcamp would give me the rest, how to build up the right contacts.”