Sky Orchestra delights Docklands

Londoners woke up to the sound of music this morning – played from hot air balloons.

As part of celebrations for a year to go until the Olympics, a project called Sky Orchestra, created by artist Luke Jerram, launched into the sky today.

Seven hot air balloons started the day by flying from Southwark Park across the capital, with well known landmarks including Canary Wharf and Tower Bridge in their sites.

They will be flying at dawn and dusk tomorrow and Wednesday, playing a composition by Dan Jones. Each balloon plays a different part of the music, which plays through speakers amplified so it can be heard by people on the ground.

Users of social networking site Twitter seemed confused at first, as many were woken by the music.

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Jonathan Wollny wrote: “Balloons flying past accompanied by ethereal music. Strange way to be woken up!”

News soon spread about the project, with more people sharing pictures of the balloons on the website.

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JDLDavis wrote: “What an amazing site, seven hot air balloons drifting over London with beautiful, ethereal music.”

The mayor of London Boris Johnson and the London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT) teamed up for the scheme.

Mr Johnson said: “With a year to go to the 2012 Games, London is waking to one of the most exciting periods in its illustrious history.

“As the Sky Orchestra floats gracefully across the capital’s skyline, it provides a stunning preview of the astonishing variety of cultural events and activities that people will be able to experience.”

For more information or to see where the Sky Orchestra has flown visit

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