Sleepover East End kids ‘rough it’ on school hall floor

These children couldn’t wait to ‘sleep rough’ on their school hall floor. They waved their mums goodbye on Friday afternoon, to enjoy a barbeque in the playground, learn how to make smoothies and pitch tents, then watch Toy Story 3 on DVD before getting down to the real business.

The kids paid �15 each for a fundraising ‘sleepover’ at St Peter’s Primary in Wapping.

“They were so exited they didn’t settle down till 10.30pm,” admitted head teacher Elizabeth Dickson. “The last one fell asleep after midnight—and there were no tears for mummy or daddy.”

Youngest was a toddler from nursery, three-year-old Luke, whose mum was one of the 20 parent-teacher volunteers. The sleepover ended with a sunny breakfast in the playground Saturday morning, after the school raised �300 towards building projects.