Spitalfields street party in memory of East End artist-sculptor Polly Hope

The late Polly Hope

The late Polly Hope - Credit: Spitz Life

Revellers are holding a street party in London’s East End in memory of artist, sculptor, writer and designer Polly Hope who died in December.

Polly was a founder member of the Spitalfields Society which is organising the shindig on June 21 in Princelet Street, near Spitalfields Church.

“She did a great deal of design work for Shakespeare’s Globe theatre,” said organiser David Donoghue. “This party is by way of a tribute to Polly who was a much-loved figure in the community and a tireless supporter of the Spitalfields Society.”

The tribute party is being held just two minutes from Polly’s home which was in a converted brewery next to the Pride of Spitalfields pub in Henage Street, off Brick Lane.

Her husband, Theo Crosby, was the architect behind the new Globe theatre on the Southbank 20 years ago, which was built to the original Elizabethan open-top wooden design.