Spot fly-tipping in Lambeth? Report it to Tower Hamlets Council!

Lambeth Council's fly-tipping poster

Lambeth Council's fly-tipping poster - Credit: Archant

Posters are urging people to report fly-tippers to Tower Hamlets Council – even if the rubbish is spotted in the south London borough of Lambeth.

A poster from Lambeth Council circulating online warns people they could face a £50,000 fine and even a five year prison sentence if they are caught disposing of rubbish illegally.

But bizarrely, the poster urges people to contact the “cleaner Tower Hamlets hotline” to report incidents.

The poster will no doubt be viewed with delight in Tower Hamlets Council’s cabinet member for the environment Cllr Shahed Ali, who recently lobbied successfully for nearly £1million to be set aside for street cleaning in the borough.

Lambeth Council has since claimed the poster is a hoax.