St George rides in to Spitalfields Market to do battle with Black Knight

Shoppers had to step smartly out of the way when two knights galloped into Spitalfields market on St George’s Day.

The English dragon-slaying patron saint, disguised as Kevin Simpson, quickly dismounted from his white steed to do battle.

But there was no fierce dragon in sight. Instead, England’s heroic knight was challenged by Emmanuel Lafon to a Medieval duel in the covered market yesterday.

It was touch-and-go as St George cut a dash with his trusty sword, eventually bringing the Black Knight to his knees—much to the delight of lunchtime market shoppers and office workers taking a mid-day break.

Meanwhile, St George’s white steed took advantage of the distracting duel for a nibble of fruit from the lunch tables. But no-one seemed to mind.

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A cast of motley Medieval characters included wandering minstrels, puppet dragons, a jester and an alchemist with a bewitching wench offering potions to get you through the hectic day of festivities which included candle-making and minting coins.

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