St Mungo’s launches London 2012 commuting scheme

St Mungo’s charity is urging people to join a scheme to beat Olympic traffic on their commute to work and raise money at the same time.

Fears over the capacity of roads and public transport, particularly in East London, to cope with the extra strain placed on them during the Games have prompted the homelessness charity to launch “The Big Home Run 2012”.

It hopes that people will follow the example of Seb Mayfield, who will run and walk his commute from his Winchester home to his office in Islington.

He said: “Transport in London is going to be really touch and go this summer throughout the duration of the Olympics.

“London’s tubes, trains and roads are more crowded than ever before so I’m urging everyone to sign up, train up and hit a Big Home Run 2012 for homeless people this summer.”

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