Stab victim Kelvin Easton’s family appeal to Mile End clubbers to come forward

The family of a man killed in a Mile End nightclub in March have urged clubbers who saw the attack to come forward.

Police say there were around 500 people in Boheme nightclub throughout the evening of Sunday March 27 when dad-of-two Kelvin Easton was pounced on by a group of men.

The 23-year-old, from Tottenham, was stabbed in the heart before collapsing in the stairwell of the club which has since been closed.

Police are offering a �20,000 reward for information leading to prosecutions and believe up to a dozen clubbers may have directly witnessed the horrifying scenes.

Det Insp Robert Pack, leading the case, said: “We know the stabbing took place in relatively plain sight. Kelvin was attacked by a group of people and one or more stabbed him. That sort of melee would have drawn people’s attention in.

“There may be barriers and reasons why these people don’t want to come forward. We will bring in every resource we have to give people legal protection. What we are not about is throwing people to the wolves.”

Mr Easton’s family put out a statement today saying he is “missed so, so much” and begged witnesses to help them in their quest for justice.

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The rapper’s aunt Janice Ferguson and his stepmother Ray Carroll said: “What would you do if it happened to someone in your family? You would want people to come forward.

“We have so many family functions and he won’t be there anymore. They will never be the same without him.”

Police and paramedics were called at 4.30am to the club on the junction of Mile End Road and Burdett Road but Mr Easton was pronounced dead at the scene.

Around eight males are believed to have been involved in the attack against him but police are ruling out a gang-related motive.

Det Insp Pack added: “It’s doubly difficult because I’m sure the family hear whispers on the street that people have seen things and know things but that information isn’t being given to police.”

Twelve men have been arrested with one released with no further action and 11 bailed to return to a north London police station in November.

Information to 020 8345 3865 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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