Stacey’s riding high after stolen bike is returned

GRATEFUL cyclist Stacey Clam was riding high after being told her trusty bike would be returned to her – just hours after it was stolen.

The charity worker, 24, from Brick Lane, had her �750 cycle stolen from Bethnal Green’s Columbia Road Flower Market on August 8.

Later that afternoon, police at nearby Brick Lane Market found an unscrupulous seller trying to flog it to an unsuspecting couple.

Ms Clam, who relies on the bike to get to and from work, said: ““I was amazed that they found my bike, I thought I’d never see it again. I was so excited - it was like getting my first bike all over again.

“I use it to ride to and from work everyday, so I really notice when I’ve not got it.

“It was the third bike I’d had stolen in six months so I really didn’t expect to get it back. I was so happy when they told me they’d found it.”

After police identified the frame number, which Ms Clam had registered, they returned it to her on August 17.

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A thief had managed to cut through her security lock.

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