State school becoming ‘Bethnal Green academy’ is insult to democracy

Dear Ed... The decision to turn Bethnal Green Technical College into an Academy is an insult to democracy.

A tiny kabul has stolen a valuable public asset from under the noses of the people of the East End.

An improving school that has recently received �20 million of public money is being taken away to an unelected, unaccountable body that will now take ownership of the building, land and all its assets, as well as the curriculum and admissions policy.

Pupils at the school will no longer have the benefit of specialist services provided by Tower Hamlets local authority, particularly those for children with special needs.

Teachers will no longer have the same level of protection for their pay, terms and conditions.

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Parents and the community will lose our direct power to hold the school’s management to public account through the ballot box.

The school can now adopt a ‘pick and choose’ admissions policy, while enabling private contractors to cream off public sector contracts. The ‘consultation’ process adopted by the Head and Governors was a sham and the decision a fix.

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It is vital for the future of our children that we do not allow this to happen again.

Bethnal Green Technology serves as a warning that the privateers are at large in Tower Hamlets, seeking to cash in on the bogus ‘Big Society’ agenda of the Government.

We must defend all our public services from those who want to destroy the Welfare State and comprehensive education while lining their pockets with the proceeds or using our services as a vehicle for their own status and careers.

Glyn Robbins

Bethnal Green

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