Stepney pigs bred on waste to become feast food

Thomasina Miers (left) and Tristram Stuart feed the pis at Stepney City Farm.

Thomasina Miers (left) and Tristram Stuart feed the pis at Stepney City Farm. - Credit: Archant

A group of pigs bred entirely on food waste shared their last supper together at Stepney City Farm on Wednesday before shipping off to become festival food.

The animals will become part of the menu at The Pig Idea Feast on November 21 when an army of celebrity chefs cook for crowds of up to 5,000 in Trafalgar square.

Among those taking part in the event include Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Valentine Warner and DJ Sara Cox.

The pigs’ diet included used brewer’s grains, okara – a by-product of tofu – from an organic Brick Lane tofu producer and unsold vegetables from a catering supplier.

Launched by chef Thomasina Miers and food waste expert Tristram Stuart, The Pig Idea calls for change to the way pigs in this country are fed.

The campaign aims to put food waste back on the menu for British pigs, and to develop safe

practices of doing so.

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Many high-profile ‘Hambassadors’ have signed up in support including Phillip Schofield, Janet Street-Porter and Michel Roux

Mr Stuart said: “Humans have been recycling food waste by feeding it to pigs for thousands of years.

“Reviving this tradition will help to protect forests that are being chopped down to grow the millions of tonnes of soya that Europe imports from South America every year.”