Sunrise over Thames gets RNLI Tower lifeboat �1,000 Xmas gift

A volunteer at Tower lifeboat station has won a national photo competition after sending in a crewmate’s picture showing the sunrise over the Thames where the two operate.

The snapshot by Alex Maunders that colleague Steve Wheatley submitted was top of the pile of more than 1,200 entries in the contest to find Britain’s best workplace view.

You don’t get much better than sunrise on Old Father Thames!

Steve has given the �1,000 prize straight back to the RNLI lifeboat charity as a Christmas gift to help continue its vital rescue operations.

“Alex was up around dawn one morning and captured the view from the lifeboat station,” Steve explained.

“The sun was just rising behind Canary Wharf, casting a golden glow across East London.”

Steve saw Alex’s photo on the lifeboat-station computer and put it up for the contest run by the website which gives the public a chance to take part in topical features and news stories.

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Website editor Ravin Sampat looked in at the lifeboat station to present the cheque to Steve—only to find it going straight into the RNLI’s kitty.

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