Susan braves the snow to get her MBE

SUSAN Langford wasn’t going to let a small thing like a blizzard spoil her big day.

She braved the snow on Friday, emerging from her special appointment at Buckingham Palace—where she picked up the MBE awarded in the Queen’s Birthday Honours in the summer.

The 51-year-old charity director received her award from Prince Charles in recognition of her 21 years running the East End’s Magic Me organisation that she founded which brings different generations together.

“I was nervous arriving at the Palace,” Susan admitted. “But there were flunkies at every corner who tell you where to stand and when to go forward when your name is called. I just watched the others and followed what they did.”

She runs the charity from offices in Victoria Park Square in Bethnal Green which undertakes projects in schools and day centres where teenagers and pensioners bridge the generation gap and get to know one another.

Friday’s appointment at the Palace was a special day. Susan went to her favourite milliner in Holborn, Karen Henriksen, and ordered a special moulded hat in black silk, to go with her plain grey dress to highlight the pink ribbon of her MBE.

Watching proudly was husband Stephen Davies, 52, who took the picture in the snow outside, and her mum and dad, Doreen and Arthur Langford.

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Prince Charles made the presentation as the Queen was busy packing, apparently, for Sandringham.

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