Teams from Canary Wharf charity Doctors of the World working in Haiti on cholera outbreak

VOLUNTEERS deployed by charity Doctors of the World in Canary Wharf are working to contain the cholera outbreak in Haiti.

Eight mobile units are working in the capital Port au Prince to try and prevent the outbreak from spreading further as well as treating patients who have succumbed to the illness.

Around 95 staff are working in the country after January’s devastating earthquake and those teams are now refocusing to give preventive advice on the disease which has killed around 300 people so far.

The charity’s UK director Susan Wright told The Docklands; “It is very easy to treat and we want people to know that so they are not put off coming to search for help. We hope the outbreak can be contained and it is reassuring the situation has not worsened in the last few days.

“The conditions are obviously much more challenging in Haiti than usual but we are refocusing our priorities.”

Ernesto Bafile, the international co-ordinator of Doctors of the World in Haiti said: “Our focus is to avoid an increase in the number of cases. In order to avoid contamination those affected must be isolated and dirty water removed. This is problematic due to the precarious living conditions of many Haitians following the earthquake.”

The diarrhoeal disease is highly contagious but relatively easy to treat. Working closely with the health authorities, Doctors of the World has developed a rapid response plan. Six Doctors of the World teams from Argentina, Belgium, Canada, France, Spain and Switzerland are in Haiti based in Port au Prince, Petit Go�ve and Grande Anse.

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