Teenagers’ play set to explore consequences of world leaders’ actions

Rehearsals for the Nemesis play, opening in late April

Rehearsals for the Nemesis play, opening in late April - Credit: Archant

The deadly consequences which can be unleashed by world leaders are set to be explored in a play being put on by youngsters this month.

A group of 13-19-year-olds have devised ‘Nemesis’, which explores the repercussions the actions of a powerful few can have around the world.

The play is part of the ‘Five Borough Youth Theatre Festival’, with Tower Hamlets youngsters both acting in the play and creating costumes and stage sets.

Characters representing five world leaders are locked in a game of ‘Nemesis’, unwittingly unleashing deadly consequences as they play.

It will be showcased at Brady Arts and Community Centre in Hanbury Street in a free, open dress rehearsal on April 24 ahead of a three night run from April 25-27.

Tickets are £3, and can be purchased by calling 020 7364 7906 or emailing festivalsandevents@towerhamlets.gov.uk.