Tell us what you’re planning for Red Nose Day in Tower Hamlets

Red Nose Day kicks off next Friday (March 15) and if you’re planning to raise money for the charity fundraising drive – particularly if you’re planning a wacky sponsorship event such as bathing in baked beans – we want to hear from you.

Red Nose Day, which is held in alternate years, is run by the national charity Comic Relief, which was set up in 1985 by comedy scriptwriter Richard Curtis and comedian Lenny Henry in response to the Ethiopian famine. The charity’s remit has now been expanded to tackle poverty everywhere.

Participants are encouraged to buy red noses to show their support for the cause, and fundraisers often embark on silly stunts to get into the comedy spirit of the event.

Let us know how you’re planning to take part, and we’ll do our best to get our photographer out to your event.

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