Tenant evicted after illegal sub-letting East End council flat

Housing bosses have evicted a tenant who has been sub-letting a flat on a former council estate in London’s overcrowded East End.

They served notice for illegally subletting the two-bedroom property on Poplar’s huge Lansbury Estate.

Two women in their 20s who were living the flat returned the keys to Poplar Housing & Regeneration Community Association on Monday.

The flat is now to be offered to a family on Tower Hamlets’ massive waiting list with 23,000 families in the queue.

“We get angry that these people are so selfish,” said Mark Coleman, the association’s Head of Housing. “We won’t tolerate illegal sub-letting when every day we speak with families desperate to have a home.”

The association is to launch a ‘tenancy fraud’ project against sub-letting with a �500 reward to neighbours who ‘shop’ anyone jumping the queue which results in a tenancy being returned that can be offered to someone on waiting list.