Thames Water apologises for wrong super sewer photo

Thames Water was forced to apologise this week after using the wrong photo in its proposal for a multimillion pound ‘super sewer.’

The company plans to build a 20mile tunnel – dubbed a ‘super sewer’ - along the Thames in an effort to stop excess sewerage flowing into the river.

The proposal has been met with fierce opposition from local residents and celebrities including Helen Mirren and Lee Hurst, who claim building works at King Edward VII Memorial Park in Wapping could destroy the green space.

This week the campaign stepped up after Thames Water mistakenly posted pictures of sewerage flowing from the Holloway storm relief outlet, claiming it was in fact beneath King Edward Memorial Park.

As soon as the error was spotted a correction was posted on the company’s website and an apology issued.

But campaigners claim by that time - nearly three weeks after the first photograph was uploaded - it had already overstated the need for works in the park.

Member of the Save King Edward Memorial Park (KEMP), Emma Dunsire, said: “An alleged photo of the CSO under our park showing a rather nasty discharge into the river was posted on the company’s website and paraded at other campaign public meetings.

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“To add insult to injury the photo in question, whose grainy quality suggests it has been taken years ago on traditional film, is that of the Holloway Storm Relief, an outflow point that Thames Water now claims it does not need to be intercepted by their super sewer at all.”

A Thames Water spokeswoman said: “This image was put up in good faith that it was the discharge at the park although it is in fact the adjacent discharge point, which is smaller.

“We corrected the caption as soon as we realised the mistake but apologise for the error.”