The Ice Sculpture Festival goes down a treat

THE crowds may have been chilly but there was no frosty reception for the competitors who came from all over the world for this year’s ice sculpture festival.

Leading sculptors from as far afield as France, Holland, Portugal, Hungary and Africa turned up at to Canada Park Square create their figurines.

More than five tons of ice – from water which is expertly filtered and frozen to ensure crystal clear blocks – was used for the two competitions.

Founder and organiser Carol Cordrey, who also judged the competition, said: “We’ve had some ingenious designs. There have been literally hundreds of people coming down to see the works and many have got involved themselves.

“The sculptors are very skilful at coping with the climate they are working in, to make sure their designs don’t melt.”

Yesterday, the singles competition went with the theme ‘Pedal Power’. Six sculptors created quirky designs which included a penny-farthing, a futuristic bike and even a Boris bike.

The theme today (Friday January 15) was Love London, challenging pairs of experts to portray the culture, architecture, business and retail themes of the city.

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Blue Peter presenters Andy Akinwolere, Helen Skelton and Barney Harwood also had a go, sculpting polar bears.