The number of Olympic apartments passes the symbolic 2,012 mark

A government secretary dropped in on the Olympic Village as the number of flats completed passed a symbolic 2,012 yesterday

Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, Jeremy Hunt, visited one of the completed properties, as part of one of his inspection visits to the London 2012 construction project.

Mr Hunt said: “The Olympic Village looks fantastic, and you can just imagine the energy it will have when thousands of athletes and staff move in here next summer for the Games. But what is most important is that the Village will be a real legacy from London’s Games, by providing affordable and private housing after 2012.”

The village will become home to around 17,000 Olympic and 6,000 Paralympic athletes and officials during the Games. It will also feature shops, restaurants, medical services, media and leisure facilities, along with areas of open space.

After the Games the Village comprising 2,818 homes, across 11 individually designed plots, will become a mixture of affordable and privately rented or owned homes.

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