Tinnie Tampah snaps the world’s most detailed concert picture

Tinnie Tempah used his latest appearance at the O2 to see his fans in a completely new way – with the help of some cutting-edge technology.

Like so many artists do, halfway through his concert on Friday the rap star took a picture of the crowd.

But it was no ordinary snap as it was taken with a device so powerful that even the detail on the faces of fans at the back of the arena were captured.

The star later uploaded the photo onto his website and is asking fans who were at the concert to tag themselves.

Tinnie, who is the first artist in the world to use the technology, said he hopes his 360-degree snap will become the most tagged picture in history.

He laughed: “Fans are always taking my picture when I’m on stage.I just wanted to turn the tables!

“It’s amazing to think that with just one camera we’ve been able to capture the face of everyone in a venue the size of The O2 arena.”

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Providing image quality of 10 billion pixels, the Gigapixel FanCam is the world’s highest resolution 360-degree camera.

Founder of the FanCam, Tinus Le Roux said he will hopes to take it to more concerts.

To see the picture go to tinietempah.com/classphoto/

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