Tony Cottee Column: I knew my former boss O’Neill would not join West Ham

Leaked reports put end to his interest

AS soon as the news was leaked on Saturday morning saying West Ham were in for Martin O’Neill I knew he would not be joining as manager.

I played under Martin for three years at Leicester and know the type of person he is. Being linked to a job which is already filled by a fellow manager is the last thing he would want to read.

It’s a missed opportunity for West Ham. He is a great motivator of players, very passionate and an overall brilliant manager.

There is no doubt we went about things the wrong way and the whole situation has been badly managed and been a PR disaster.

If you are not happy sack the manager and then bring someone in, but we didn’t and ended up being in no mans land and it is something we have to learn from.

There is someone in that board room who has leaked this information and should hang their head in shame.

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We need to go back to the old days when West Ham was a closed shop

I have said from the start I don’t believe Avram Grant is the right man to be in charge of the club, but you must feel sorry for him, because he has faced the media and been put under a lot of pressure when he shouldn’t have.

I believe under Grant we are only going in one direction and I am very concerned we won’t be able to get out of this mess we are in.

Tony Cottee was talking to Matt Diner

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