Tory councillor signs up as old people’s advocate

An Isle of Dogs councillor has joined forces with Age UK to try and improve the area for older people.

Gloria Thienel, the Tory councillor for the Blackwall & Cubitt Town ward, has signed up to be a Pride of Place advocate as part of a national campaign from the older people’s charity.

It aims to help older people to get out and about by encouraging improvements to public transport and amenities.

An Age UK spokesman said councillors are well placed to help resolve these issues. Ms Thienel said: “I’m delighted to have this opportunity to work with local older people on the Isle of Dogs and hopefully be able to bring about some improvements to the neighbourhoods in the area.”

Debbie Walker, the chief executive of Age UK Tower Hamlets, said: “It’s vital that we invest in our neighbourhoods to ensure older people can go on being active and contribute to our communities.”