Tower Bridge to get new eco-efficient night lighting

A state-of-the-art eco-efficient lighting system is to be installed on the iconic Tower Bridge in time for next year’s London Olympics.

The aim is to help cut carbon and reduce energy consumption by 40 per cent as well as enhance the neo-gothic architectural features at night of one of the world’s most instantly-recognisable landmarks.

It has only recently completed a three-year major repainting and grit-blasting to spruce up the structure first opened in 1894 next to the Tower of London.

A funding deal has now been brokered by Boris Johnson with the City of London Corporation and a major electricity supplier to upgrade the lighting system installed when Tower Bridge got its previous ‘makeover’ 25 years ago.

The new ‘flexible lighting’ and cabling system will complement features such as the gothic turrets, aerial walkway and suspension chains in colours sensitive to its ‘world heritage listed building’ status.

Tower Bridge currently has traditional, static flood-lighting (pictured) which is said can flatten the architecture.