Tower Hamlets Borough Commander Ch Supt Dave Stringer on seasonal safety


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The Christmas shopping season is now getting underway.

Unfortunately I have had the sad experience of meeting enough victims of crime to know that nothing can ruin your Christmas like being targeted by thieves, especially if you are unlucky enough to be burgled. Just like the fabled ”Grinch”, a burglar can literally steal your Christmas.

Burglars view Christmas time very differently to the rest of us, for them it is a time to maximise their ill gotten gains and cash out on the property that you have worked hard to buy.

Where for the majority of people it is an opportunity to give, for a burglar it is a time to take.

Many homes have more valuables in them at Christmas than at any other time of year – the presents under your tree that are meant for your loved ones can become a source of income for a burglar throughout the winter.

When Christmas shopping by car please store any items bought in the boot of your vehicle where they can’t be seen by an opportunist thief.

On foot, be very aware of strangers approaching you for any reason.

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Criminals have a variety of ways to distract you while they are helping themselves to your valuables, they work in groups and alone and can be of any age or sex – please be on your guard.

If you are going away this Christmas or are going to be out a lot, now is the time consider buying lamp timers to ensure that your home looks occupied even when you are out. To a burglar a dark home is an empty home.

My officers and I will be working hard this festive season to keep you and your property safe.

Please work with us by making full use of any locks you have and by keeping your home well lit. I would like the residents of Tower Hamlets to enjoy this festive season without the upset and inconvenience of becoming a victim of crime. With your help I hope to achieve this.

For information on home security or property marking please contact your Safer Neighbourhoods Team who will be happy to help you.

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