Tower Hamlets Borough Commander Dave Stringer says break the taboo of passing information


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Passing information to the police has long been a taboo subject in Tower Hamlets.

A culture has evolved over time of “not telling tales” even when your own quality of life is being effected by criminals. In some cases criminals are even “protected” by the community that they are preying on.

I lead a very strong team of officers at Tower Hamlets who want to protect you and your property from the less than one per cent of people who would victimise you.

Please work with me to keep you safe and to remove those who think it is OK to steal from you and your family or ruin your quality of life.

You can provide information to police by contacting your Safer Neighbourhoods Team or by calling police on 101, but most importantly, you can do this anonymously through Crimestoppers.

Information received from the community has helped us to remove countless criminals from Tower Hamlets.

Without this information it is likely that those criminals would have committed further crimes.

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A simple phone call to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 tells us what we need to know.

This call is completely anonymous and this guarantee of anonymity has never been broken.

If you do provide information to Crimestoppers, they check it before they pass it on to police to ensure that you can’t be identified by anything that is included in the information report.

Likewise, with the online reporting form. Your email address is automatically scrambled so that you cannot be identified.

I am very proud to lead the police in this iconic and impressive borough.

By working together with the community we have reduced crime in Tower Hamlets this year.

With your continued support and a single phone call or email, we can make your area the safe, crime-free place that you would wish it to be.

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