Tower Hamlets council cracks down on ‘untidy’ estate agents’ signs

ESTATE agents that use ‘for sale’ signs as free advertising are being targeted as Tower Hamlets council cracks down on the boards that leave areas looking cluttered and untidy.

The council has written to all East End estate agents to give them seven days’ notice to remove any illegal advertising, including signs that have been up long after a property has been sold or let, and signs that simply state ‘Let By’, ‘Managed By’, or ‘Sold By’.

Council chiefs are prepared to take tough action if estate agents fail to comply, issuing �100 fines for every sign which flouts the law. Estate agents can even be prosecuted, this could lead to a �1,000 fine for every board.

Jamie Blake, Head of Public Realm at Tower Hamlets Council, said: “Once a property has been sold or let, these estate agents signs amount to nothing more than fly posting.”

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