Tower Hamlets council is like a driverless DLR train

Dear Ed... I find it shocking that Tower Hamlets council is ‘suing itself’ over the non-appointment of yet another highly-paid executive (Advertiser, June 21).

So many chief executives have come and gone over the past five years. When will sanity prevail in the Town Hall?

Taking itself to court or appointing yet another chief executive is unlikely to make it any less dysfunctional in the near future.

Someone has to put a stop to unnecessary legal squabbles by the council that waste taxpayers’ money.

The one action that might have worked is where the council threatened the Olympic organisers with legal action for withdrawing the Marathon route from the East End.

But that was withdrawn without any public consultation—simply because they offered a few free tickets, promised to ‘advertise’ jobs locally (not make actual job offers) just 72 hours before global access by potential applicants and to endorse Brick Lane as 2012 Curry Capital when the world already knows what it is famous and notorious for.

Perhaps the Town Hall should note that appointing a chief executive, whether ethnic, green or blue, won’t make it any less dysfunctional than it already is because dysfunctionality is why so many previous chief executives left their posts in the first place!

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What this local authority needs is a thorough overhaul and review into all its operations, particularly those close to the community such as elections and community grants.

Perhaps the council continue to be run like the DLR. After all, as it is unlikely to have a driver that can see beyond the tunnel anytime soon!

Wais Islam

Former Tower Hamlets Olympics ambassador


(full address supplied)