Tower Hamlets council’s CCTV cars snapped parked on double yellows

Trust in Tower Hamlets council’s CCTV cars may have broken down after one was snapped by a GP parked in a space reserved for doctors.

The cars were commissioned in order to clamp down on traffic violations, such as driving in bus lanes and stopping in box junctions.

But this one was snapped by GP Sam Everington parked outside St Andrew’s Health Centre, where he was a GP.

He said: “The driver of this car spends their day taking pictures of cars infringing traffic regulations which invariably lead to fines.

“They have been caught on camera.

“Hope they have the grace to donate the equivalent of the fine to a health charity.”

However, Tower Hamlets council insists they are permitted to park on yellow lines and in doctors’ bays in order to carry out their duties.

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A spokesperson added: “The vehicles would only be parked in these spaces if it was necessary and would only be there for a limited period.”