Tower Hamlets council wins battle over Crossrail sewer

A SEWER tunnel will no longer have to be diverted to make way for Crossrail following pressure from Tower Hamlets council.

The Hackney to Abbey Mills and Wick Sewer in Wick Lane, Bow, was going to be diverted, causing major disruption to neighbours.

The council said that, while it supports the benefits that Crossrail, a rail network linking east and west London, will bring to residents and business, it has been campaigning to minimise disruption and ensure the best deal for the borough.

The diversion works, which would have also seen part of Grove Hall Park used as a construction site, have been scrapped.

Crossrail investigated other ways to carry out the work, and has now confirmed that construction of the rail tunnel can go ahead following strengthening works to the sewer tunnel, meaning less disruption to the lives of East Enders.

Mayor Lutfur Rahman, said: “We’ve fought long and hard to get the best deal for local residents from Crossrail. As well as providing residents with better access to central and west London, it provides many people with job opportunities in construction.

“We’ve worked alongside the community to maximise the benefits of this once in a lifetime transportation improvement project, while limiting the disruption and impact upon the environment.

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“Crossrail’s decision to strengthen the sewer tunnel is testament to the influence a local authority can have on a major development when it puts the wellbeing of its residents at the heart of its actions.”

The council said that this was not the only concession that the council has won from Crossrail. Othe results include jobs for East Enders, setting up an information centre at Whitechapel, appointing a dedicated community liaison officer and many more.

Last year the council helped ensure improvements to the design of Whitechapel Station. Changes included moving the station’s proposed entrance back onto Whitechapel Road from Fulbourne Street, and dramatically reducing the amount of excavation work needed.

Plans for a new station Isle of Dogs are already complete, while plans for the new station at Whitechapel are awaiting approval. Work will start on tunnelling later this year.