Tower Hamlets councillor warns of traffic chaos with Ramadan and London Olympics coinciding

A Tower Hamlets councillor has warned of traffic chaos in the East End during the Olympics with Ramadan, coinciding with the London Games, and many Muslims trying to reach mosques.

Labour councillor for St Dunstan’s and Stepney Green, Abdal Ullah, said there should be more “flexibility” for residents in using Games Lanes, designated to athletes and Olympics officials, to avoid traffic chaos, including when Muslims want to observe evening prayers during the Islamic month of fasting.

Cllr Ullah said: “I don’t want to be a party pooper but I don’t think people have woken up to the adverse traffic chaos, both on roads and on the underground, which there will be.

“I don’t think organisers realise the frustration and anger there will be.

“A lot of people will want to get to the bigger mosques, including the East London Mosque in Whitechapel, for evening prayers during Ramadan.

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“I think people will stay on at the Olympic Park after events and will also travel through the East End in the evenings.

He also predicts that if a funeral was held, such as at St Peter’s Church in Wapping, where the Games Lanes run though, then it could be “impossible” for people to get to.

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Access to the Games Lanes will be restricted from 6am to midnight during the Olympics and anyone caught entering illegally could face a �130 fine.

A spokeswoman for Transport for London said: “There is no denying there will be disruption. But we’ve published a lot of travel advise.

“We’ve worked with mosques, funeral directors and others about how best to operate around the Games.

“It is also up to people to heed our advice and re-route their journeys.

But TfL may open the Games lanes to the general public during the restricted times, if traffic is flowing, she added.

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