Tower Hamlets Enforcement squad gives Limehouse yobs the boot

Yobs have been given the boot on a troubled housing estate in London’s East End where they’ve been getting drunk and bothering families.

Youths were congregating on the stairwells of the Bruton Wharf development in Limehouse—until Tower Hamlets council sent in its Enforcement officers to patrol the area around Salmon Lane.

Now a message of thanks has been sent to the Town Hall by Bruton Wharf’s Tenants and Residents Association.

Its chairman Ian Campbell said: “They’ve made residents feel safer and less subject to intimidation that has been going on most of last year.

“The officers knocked at our doors to confirm they were on-site and collected information to identify any anti-social behaviour.”

The cost of the patrols the association believes is ultimately recouped by reducing cleaning up and repairing criminal damage, while improving living conditions for residents.

The Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officers, or THEOs, were set up in 2009 with the role of tackling yobs, graffiti and other environmental offences, working with the police with powers to deal with anti-social behaviour under the 2002 Reform Act.

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